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Aria and the Mirror/MPD Theory

This idea that Aria might have Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) is a theory that has been talked about a lot when discussing the possibility of “Aria is –A” but I have never actually written a theory based on this idea before so better late than never right?
We know that Aria is no stranger to her own reflection. We see many mirrored reflections on the show but it seems we see Aria’s reflection in mirrors more than anyone else in Rosewood. 
 One of the show producers tweeted the cartoon photo of the brunette girl holding taking off a mask and looking into a mirror. Could this be a clue that -A is a brunette? Like Aria? Who also is seen so often looking into mirrors? And possibly “masking” her true identity? 
Dr. Allen Dye says that “mirror gazing” can be a sign of mental illness. Looking at your reflection in the mirror is noted as a side effect of MPD. When one with this disorder looks in the mirror they often report seeing a different person than they imagine themselves to be. Showing the reflection in the mirror could be very symbolic that a person has two personalities. 
We do know that mental illness runs in Aria’s family. 
1. Uncle Scott- Had some kind of mental illness that appears to ended in suicide. (2x09)
2. Aunt Ruth- Obsessed with her cat, had it stuffed when it died and had her dead cat hanging around while having conversations with it. (1x04) Can you say Psycho?
3. Mike Montgomery- Has shown some mental instability, irritability and rage. 
So it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Aria could also be a victim of her genetics. If she does have a personality disorder it would make sense that the reason she suffers from nightmares, panic attacks, hallucinations, angry outbursts, and is highly emotional is because those are side effects of her struggling with a mental illness. 
 In the Pretty Little Liars BOOK series it says about Aria: 
“Trouble was Aria wasn’t sure who Aria was. Since turning eleven, she’d tried out punk Aria, artsy Aria, documentary film Aria, and right before they moved, she’d even tried ideal Rosewood girl Aria. The horse-riding, polo-shirt-wearing girl who was everything Rosewood boys loved but everything Aria wasn’t.”
In the TV show, Aria has made references about struggling with her identity when she is talking with Emily in the pilot episode (1x01): 
Aria: Yeah well, when your parents want you to be yourself and you don’t know who you are?
As Aria is saying this to Emily she is making the universal hand and eye signals for CRAZY in reference to herself.
Aria is BEST Liar as pointed out by all three of her best friends in (2x02). Maybe that is because she is really does have two personalities. One that is “compassionate” and one that is highly manipulative and calculating?
"Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the naughtiest of them all?" -Sara Shepard. (Unbelievable) 
Is Aria the naughtiest of them all?

we are surrounded by all of these liars
and people who talk too much
you got the kind of look in your eyes
as if no one knows anything but us

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